Unleash Your Wild Side with Tiger Rugs and Animal Décor

Surround yourself with wildlife from rainforests, savannas, and oceans without leaving your home. At Maia Homes, discover handcrafted tiger rugs and animal inspired decor that infuses exotic excitement into indoor living spaces. All you have to do is to browse through our animal inspired collection.

The Natural Forms of the Tiger

Few animals represent the imposing beauty of the wild as perfectly as majestic tigers. With their imposing size, rippling muscles hiding under bold orange and black striped fur, they dominate their territories. Our artisan tiger rugs showcase the big cat’s form with stunning detail. Skilled weaving captures the patterns of their coat with intricate designs.

Tiger imagery carries deep symbolism in many cultures. In China and Japan, the tiger represents the masculine forces of the universe. It conveys courage, force, and military prowess. Meanwhile, in India the Bengal tiger exemplifies wildlife conservation – an enduring symbol of their endangered status.

When depicted in sculpture, paintings, rugs and other homewares, the tiger becomes a fierce protector. Place one of our hand tufted premium tiger rugs in an entry space or living area to feel that commanding energy.

More Animal Inspired Decor Ideas

Beyond plush tiger rugs, unleash more of your wild side by decorating with our collection of animal sculptures, accents, and textile prints:

  • Majestic stag sculptures and busts

For natural inspiration, a symbol of wisdom and the great outdoors, decorate with proud stags cast in quality resin or cold cast bronze. It is a good idea to place your animal sculptures for home décor on top of a console or bookcase.

  • Octopus and jellyfish marquetry

Fantastical creatures of the ocean deep inspire hand inlaid wood marquetry decor depicting tentacled giants or serene jellyfish. Hang above a bar cart or on a child’s bedroom wall.

  • Coral and agate accent tables

Organic shapes that mimic underwater reefs and rock formations make for stunning consoles and sofa tables. The colors seem to shift and move like waves.

  • Faux sheepskin and cowhide rugs

Nothing feels more primal and cozier than the soft fur of sheepskin or cowhide rugs layered on the floor. Toss them atop hardwood by a seating nook or bedside.

  • Oversized wall hooks

Handcrafted wall hooks and coat racks that depict animal shapes like antlers, rabbits, or birds add an unexpected 3D sculptural element. Hang by the entry to hold hats, bags, and leashes.

Design Ideas for Incorporating Exotic Tiger Rugs

  • Living room

Ground in a globally inspired bohemian living room with a hand tufted wool rug featuring a prowling tiger against a midnight blue background. Accent with hammered metal end tables, woven poufs, and tropical plants. A tiger rug would be a perfect addition to your living room.

  • Bedroom

For an exotic sleeping space, place a Bengal tiger rug at the foot of the bed, as if guarding during slumber. Layer the vibrant carpet atop a jute rug for added texture. Orange and cream bedding continues the color scheme.

  • Kid’s playroom

Durably constructed tiger rugs can handle energetic play in a child’s recreation room. Against soft blue walls, painted with fluffy clouds, the vibrant tiger stripes pop. Display rainbow books in a nearby bookcase.

  • Powder bath

Tiny powder rooms feel wild and fun when flooring is an abstract tiger stripe bath rug in bold black against cream. Hang a coordinating tiger print wall tapestry behind the petite pedestal sink.

Bring the Magic of Nature Home

Surround yourself with inspiration from Mother Nature’s wildest and most beautiful creatures. Allow their symbols of strength, perseverance, and exotic environments to fuel your daily life. Transport your home decor on a global adventure with premium tiger rugs and animal decor from Maia Homes’ curated collection of handcrafted goods. Speak to our design experts today about instilling fierce style throughout your home!